DevOps Days Edinburgh - When is AI taking over _my_ job?

Tremendously excited about giving the talk at DevOps Days Edinburgh about the AI revolution underway.
If you are in Scotland, you are invited to attend this great event and come to my talk, When is AI taking over my job?

DevOps Days Detroit - CI/CD for Machine Learning

Had a ton of fun speaking at DevOps Days Detroit about CI/CD for Machine Learning. The video recording of the talk and additional resources on the topic are coming soon!

Chicago Code Camp - Azure Serverless DevOps

The slides to my Chicago Code Camp 2018 presentation on Azure Serverless DevOps are on SlideShare. Unfortunately they do not include the demo, so you will have to learn about the continuous integration and delivery and the developer experience for Azure Functions from the resources links!

Azure Ninjas Podcast - App Service

Following our episode on Serverless, we go into the broader Azure App Service technology with our hosts Elizabeth Graham and myself, and the App Service program managers Oded Dvoskin, Byron Tardif, Christina Compy and Yi Liao We discuss the coolest features of the Azure App Service, deploying apps on private networks, Linux containers and more.

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Azure App Service

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Azure Stack

Our co-hosts Justin Jakowski and yours truly, interviewing the director of Program Management for hybrid strategies, Natalia Mackevicius and a Stack Global Black Belt Ultan Kinahan about the unique value proposition of Azure Stack and the key workloads enabled by the technology

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Azure Stack

Full Stack Journey Podcast - Getting Inside Microsoft Azure

A great conversation with the host of the Full Stack Journey podcast, Scott Lowe about professional trends in IT and resources and tips on how to get onboarded on Azure cloud

Full Stack Journey - Episode 19 - Getting Inside Microsoft Azure

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Terraform

Our co-hosts Pete Roden and Eddie Villalba, interviewing a Terraform engineer Tom Harvey about using Terraform on Azure

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Terraform

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Event Grid

The Azure Ninjas Event Grid podcast features Azure Event Grid program manager Bahram Banisadr, and the hosts David Barkol and Pete Roden. We will discuss how the product compares to Azure Service Bus and Event Hubs, and review how it works with other IaaS and PaaS services to make integrations easier!

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Event Grid

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Storage

Me and my amazing team mate Justin Jakowski, interviewing a senior Azure Storage program manager Karl Rautenstrauch for an overview of the new features in Azure Storage services, and how Microsoft customers can leverage them to maximize business value!

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Storage

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Serverless

The Azure Serverless podcast features Azure Functions product group members Donna Malayeri and Fabio Cavalcante and the hosts - me, Elizabeth Graham and Pete Roden reviewing the benefits of Serverless technology, why it is rapidly gaining popularity in the recent years, and how customers can leverage it to achieve business results in a cost-efficient manner in a dynamically scalable environment!

Azure Ninjas Podcast - Serverless

Azure Ninjas Podcast

I am excited to announce that me and a few members of my Azure Global Black Belt team, the glorious Justin Jakowski, Elizabeth Graham and Pete Roden are starting a new podcast -

Azure Ninjas!

In the podcast, we slice and dice through Azure architectures for different products and services, interviewing the members of the Microsoft engineering teams. The podcast is intentionally audio only so you can listen and learn on the go.

Please check out our first episodes!

The Azure Podcast - Serverless Computing and Event Grid

A great conversation with the hosts of the Azure Podcast about Azure Functions and Azure Event Grid and the advantages of Serverless computing

The Azure Podcast - Serverless Computing and Event Grid

Arrested DevOps Podcast - Work/Life Balance

A podcast recorded at DevOps Days Chicago 2017 with two of the speakers, the awesome Katie Prizy and Bill Weiss, myself and the amazing Matt Stratton. The podcast is about the importance of work-life balance, and it was a follow-up to Katie’s talk on Devaluing Hard Work. In her talk, Katie shows how some IT professionals refuse automation because working long hours is a badge of honor.

Arrested DevOps – Episode 99 – Work/Life Balance

My Book - Serverless Computing in Azure with .NET

I am tremendously excited to be publishing my first book, Serverless Computing in Azure with .NET!

Get it from Packt Publishing website, access it through Safari Online, or purchase it from Amazon:

Also, given the advance rate in the high-tech world, I can promise you one thing -
my next book is going to be a romantic novel - the technology never changes ;-)

Single “Person” of Failure

Watch the recording of my talk at DevOpsDays Silicon Valley 2015 on a single “person” of failure.

Do you have that one expert without whom your entire organization cannot function? Here is how you can recognize and improve the situation

Single Person of Failure (YouTube)

Chef prince of Azure

Me and Trevor Hess in a Chef Prince of Azure rap video. Those were the days when we used to have fun at 10th Magnitude!
What happens on the internet is forever :-)

Chef Prince of Azure (YouTube)

Arrested DevOps Podcast - ChatOps Extravaganza

A recording from DevOps Days Chicago 2015 Jason Hand from Victor Ops, Peter Burkholder from Chef, your truly, Matt Stratton and Trevor Hess. The conversation follows Jason’s talk on ChatOps, and dives into the advantages of shared messaging channel throughout the company instead of leading individual IM conversations with your co-workers.

Arrested DevOps – Episode 42 – ChatOps Extravaganza

Arrested DevOps Podcast - Help! I Need Somebody!

A conversation with Columbia college professor David Gerding, your truly, Matt Stratton and Trevor Hess about how to ask for help in IT, and the risks of bullying yonger professionals

Audio Version

Arrested DevOps – Episode 17 – Help! I Need Somebody!

Video Version

Arrested DevOps – Episode 17 – Help! I Need Somebody! (YouTube)

Arrested DevOps Podcast - Managing Your Mental Stack

A conversation with your truly, Matt Stratton and Trevor Hess about keeping up with new technology advances in the world of DevOps and beyond

Audio Version

Arrested DevOps – Episode 8 – Managing Your Mental Stack

Video Version

Arrested DevOps – Episode 8 – Managing Your Mental Stack (YouTube)

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